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Are you a runner or a runners coach? Are you a lifter or a lifters coach?

Do you train at a gym or a gym owner? Or, do you do yoga or are you a yoga teacher?

Great, you can use this app!

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The Better Human App is a revolutionary fitness and food tracking app created by industry experts who’ve been training people to become better for decades. Download the app and start tracking your nutrition and training free.

Easy to use interface
Food and nutrient tracking
Complete exercise tracking
Photo recognition of foods for macro nutrient estimation
Nutritional break down for all foods, days and individual meals
Innovative Dieting Support
Coaches Dashboard give us access to help you
Earn in App Badges and Medals to keep you motivated and on track for your goals

Get the BETTER HUMAN App, today!

What People Are Saying

I absolutely love this App!!! Fit my favorite cheat into my macros today!

Loni Dubman Rennick

Best macro food tracker out there.

Pamela Garmley

Get the BETTER HUMAN App, today!

Key Features

Record your eating easily and simply! Search for a food, such as eggs, and you can choose from several different options depending on what you ate. Just click on the right one and hit the add button, and it’s recorded into your food journal. Get plenty of details on the food you’re eating, including calories, nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Can’t find what you’re eating? Simply hit the “create food” button to add to our already extensive database.

Don’t want to search? Take a picture of your food and the app will easily recognize what you’re eating.

Throughout the day the handy dials at the top of your food journal show exactly how close you are in calories and your macronutrients — an easy way to help support your goal.

Get the BETTER HUMAN App, today!

Key Food Features Gallery

Our workout journal covers a wide range of workouts, including functional workouts, strength training, endurance training, yoga and Pilates. You can even request that your gym tap into the app so that you can download the Workout of the Day.

Doing strength workouts? Input your reps and weight for each of your lifts and track your progress over time.

Stumped for a workout or don’t want to do the same old one? Get some kick-ass workout suggestions in the functional section.

Get the BETTER HUMAN App, today!

Key Workout Features Gallery

Check your progress. Record your weight each day or several times a week — our easy chart tracks your progress over time.

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Key Progress Features Gallery

Get the BETTER HUMAN App, today!

Track From Anywhere, No Internet Required

Convenience is Key. The Better Human APP is available on all iOS and Android devices. Don’t let being away from home stop you from tracking your diet and workouts.

The Better Human APP was created for mobile devices, and you get all the features you expect from a comprehensive diet and fitness tracking app. Find new foods for your diet, check your Macros, plan your workouts, and track your progress… on-the-go, at any time!

Get the BETTER HUMAN App, today!

Coaches Dashboard

If you’re a fitness Coach, this app is for you!

The Better Human App helps you track of all your clients’ progress and goals online in one convenient, and easily filterable spread sheet. Client Management and Customer Retention is key to any fitness business, and this app will help you stay at the top of your game.

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Get the BETTER HUMAN App, today!