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A revolutionary fitness and food tracking app created by industry experts, who’ve been training people to become better for decades. Download the app and start tracking your nutrition and training free.

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Track your calories and macros


Log your workouts


Track your progress and reach your goals!

Become the Best Version of Yourself!

The Better Human APP was created for mobile devices, and you get all the features you expect from a comprehensive diet and fitness tracking app. Find new foods for your diet, check your Macros, plan your workouts, and track your progress… on-the-go, at any time!

Awesome Features

Custom & Automatic Macros

Create your own macros or we're calculate them for you based on your goals!

Advanced Nutrients

Keep track of all your micros!

Scanning & Food Recognition

Scan the barcode of items, or take a picture - either way it'll know what you want!

Custom Foods & Our Vast Food Database

Access to over 700,000 food items, or easily create your own custom foods!

Gym Access

Join your gym, get your workouts and let your coaches see your results!

Preloaded Workouts

Comprehensive list of functional and non-functional workouts!

Workouts of the Day

Get WOD's from your gym!

Reach Your Goals

Lose, Gain or Maintain: Use this tool to accomplish all your health and fitness goals!

Priority Support

We're always improving, are open to suggestions and here to help with any issues!

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Track Your Food, Workouts & Weight

Customize Your Macros

Create Custom Foods & Workouts

Search Vast Foods Database

Quick & Easy Bar Code Scanning

Automatic Meal Creation



Automatic Macro Calculations

Advanced Nutrients

Food Recognition

Preloaded Workout List

Workouts of the Day

50% off for Annual Subscription ($59.99/yr)

Better Human App

“ By far the best health and fitness app I've used. It is easy to use and has helped me reach and surpass my goals ”

Next Gen!

“ Efficient and effective app, very convenient for those who are consistently traveling or have a hard time keeping track of their nutrition habits. ”

Best Tracking App Yet

“ The Better Human App is everything I hope for in a fitness AND nutrition tracking app. I was so sick of My Fitness Pal. This is fresh, and has features I didn't think were possible. I don't even need my food scale anymore! The food recognition software is life changing!”

User Friendly and Very Modern

“ I love the fact that everything is in one place. Very intutive and easy to use. The one click food adds for recent saves is a life-saver. And that photo recognition is AMAZING! I also enjoy the fact that your macros are calculated and simplified. Will definitely suggest this app to everyone I know. GREAT JOB ”

Garrett King